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texting while driving
What Are the Most Common Summer Driving Safety Hazards?
The summer driving season is full of unique safety hazards, but knowing what to avoid can help you stay safer on the road.
pocket full of credit cards
Can an Irrevocable Trust Protect My Assets From Creditors?
An irrevocable trust can help protect your assets from creditors. Here's what you need to know during your estate planning.
motorcycle driving at sunset
What Are the Key Differences Between Motorcycle and Car Accidents?
Motorcycle and car accidents can cause injuries, but our lawyers can help you sue for damages no matter which kind of vehicles are involved.
contract with pen
What Are Common Mistakes to Avoid With Your Living Trust?
If you set up a living trust on your own, you might make mistakes. Our estate planning lawyers can help you do things right.
two people discussing paperwork
How Can I Protect Family Heirlooms?
Our estate planning lawyers can help you protect family heirlooms and make sure that they are passed down to the right people.
truck hitting smaller vehicle
How Often Do Maintenance Issues Lead to Truck Accidents?
If a vehicle failure causes a truck accident, the owner of that truck needs to be held accountable for their lack of care.
rear-end car crash
Who is at Fault For a Rear-End Collision?
The rear driver is often blamed for a rear-end collision, but the lead driver can also contribute to this kind of accident.
person signing document
Do I Need to Create An Estate Plan If I Am Single?
An estate planning lawyer from our firm can help you make a plan for your assets whether you are single or married.
divorce papers
How Do I Update My Estate Plan After a Divorce?
If you get divorced, it may be wise to adjust your estate plan and change your spouse's involvement in your will and other end-of-life…
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