In life, nothing is certain. For this reason, many people find peace of mind in drafting what’s known as a power of attorney. If you would like to learn more about this document and how it can benefit you, continue reading and contact a seasoned Fayetteville power of attorney lawyer from the Knapp Law Firm today.

Power of Attorney Lawyer | Here to Help You Craft Your Estate Plan

Making critical financial or medical decisions can be challenging enough, but if you’re unable to make these decisions on your own, either due to a physical absence or because of a medical condition, a power of attorney can give a trusted loved one the authority to make these decisions on your behalf. Our Fayetteville, Arkansas estate planning lawyer has helped countless individuals draft these documents over the years, and he can help you as well.

Medical Vs. Financial Powers of Attorney

There are various types of powers of attorney, including general powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney, and limited powers of attorney. Each of these serves different functions. For example, the general power of attorney gives an agent the power to make certain financial or personal decisions on behalf of an individual under certain circumstances. On the other hand, a durable power of attorney gives an agent the right to make certain decisions on behalf of an individual, should they become incapacitated.

Financial powers of attorney are useful for when a person is either incapacitated or unable to make certain financial decisions at a given time. In this power of attorney, they can appoint a trustworthy individual to manage their bills and other assets. Medical powers of attorney, on the other hand, can give a trustworthy individual the right to make certain medical decisions on behalf of an individual, should they be unable to do so on their own.

Who Should Draft One?

Though most people tend to think of powers of attorney as documents primarily drafted by older individuals, the truth is, you should strongly consider drafting a power of attorney regardless of your age. For example, if you or your spouse are frequently away on business, either of you may need a power of attorney to make decisions on behalf of your spouse, should they be unavailable or otherwise unable to make these decisions on their own. Truthfully, powers of attorney are for everyone, and if you need help drafting one, you are in the right place.

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