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Truck accidents can leave behind plenty of damage and devastating injuries, which is why trucking companies are supposed to be sure that their vehicles are operating as safely as possible. When they do not take proper care of their fleet, maintenance issues can lead to crashes. If you or a loved one have been injured in such an accident, you may have legal options. A Fayetteville, Arkansas truck accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation.

How Common Are Truck Accidents Caused By Vehicle Failures?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently commissioned a study about truck crashes and their causation. It found that vehicle failures could be considered the critical reason for around 10 percent of truck accidents. That is already quite significant, but the importance of proper vehicle maintenance and care gets even clearer when you look at accidents where vehicle failures were a contributing factor.

Vehicle failure was a contributor to almost 40 percent of truck accidents. That means that something else, like a negligent driver, was primarily to blame, but improper maintenance also helped to cause a dangerous situation.

Who Should Be Held Liable in a Truck Accident?

If there are multiple contributors to a truck accident, that could mean that there are multiple liable parties to hold accountable. Negligent parties could include:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • The company that owns and loaded the cargo
  • A mechanic who overlooked the issue that caused vehicle failure

Your lawyer can investigate and gather the evidence needed to show who should be held accountable for this accident and why.

Can You Sue for Compensation After Truck Accidents?

If you believe that other people were responsible for a truck accident that harmed you or your loved one, then you should pursue compensation. You may receive a settlement offer from an insurance company, but these initial offers are rarely enough to make up for the costs of such devastating accidents. We can help you fight for compensation that covers:

  • The cost of medical care
  • Lost wages
  • A loss of earning potential
  • A loss of enjoyment
  • Pain from disability or disfigurement
  • Wrongful death

An experienced truck accident lawyer from our firm can help you and your family hold everyone who contributed to this accident responsible.

How Long is the Statute of Limitations in Arkansas?

You have three years from the date of the accident to begin pursuing compensation. This can seem like a long time, but the weeks and months can pass by quicker than you might expect. If you act quickly, your lawyer can make sure that you do not miss out on your chance to pursue compensation.

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