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Every driver knows that you should not get behind the wheel when impaired by alcohol or drugs, but some do not realize that being drowsy behind the wheel can be nearly as dangerous. Driver fatigue contributes to many accidents, and it is an especially large problem in the trucking industry where drivers are pressured to meet tight delivery deadlines. If you were injured in a truck accident and you believe that driver fatigue was partly to blame, a Fayetteville, Arkansas truck accident lawyer can tell you which steps you should take next.

What Kind of Rules Are in Place to Reduce Driver Fatigue?

Accidents involving trucks can be so dangerous due to their size and weight. This is why there are regulations concerning how these vehicles can operate and for how long a driver can stay behind the wheel. Drivers who ignore federal regulations and rules about service hours could end up driving while they are too tired to operate their vehicle safely. Then that driver fatigue can lead to an accident.

How Can a Lawyer Show That Driver Fatigue Caused My Accident?

Your lawyer can make the case that driver fatigue caused your accident. Sometimes it can be clear that the driver was drowsy behind the wheel thanks to witness testimony or notes in the police report. In other cases, the driver can be caught forging their hours of service logs and driving more hours than legally allowed. Sometimes we can even show that the trucking company is encouraging drivers to do this so that they can hit deadlines! This helps us build a case against both the driver and their company.

Can I Sue a Trucker and the Trucking Company?

Yes, this is actually quite common. If the driver is tired behind the wheel because they are ignoring regulations, then they need to be held responsible for the damage they cause. If their employer encourages their reckless and lawless behavior, then they also need to be sued for damages.

How Long Do I Have to Sue After an Accident Caused By Driver Fatigue?

If you were injured in an accident with a truck, you do not have unlimited time to act. The state of Arkansas has a statute of limitations for personal injury cases, giving plaintiffs three years to file a case. That can seem like a long time, but we always recommend that our clients act quickly.

The faster you act, the easier it is for your lawyer to begin building a case. They can secure evidence like surveillance footage before it’s erased and talk to eyewitnesses before their memories get cloudy. Plus, the sooner you begin legal action, the sooner you can secure compensation.

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