You have likely heard more than once that estate planning is one of the most important matters that you should tend to in your lifetime. But even so, it is also one of the most neglected matters. Even though these are not fun conversations to have, they are important so that your loved ones are properly provided for once you have passed on. Contact an experienced Newton County, Arkansas estate planning lawyer from the Knapp Law Firm to learn how we can walk you through these difficult discussions and help establish your estate plan.

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If done correctly, your estate plan can cover just about anything related to your assets. For one, you will be able to assign your assets to your designated beneficiaries. And, you will be able to assign an executor who will distribute your assets to the proper beneficiaries. That said, you can trust that our team will ensure that all your documents are valid and enforceable so that this is possible.

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At the Knapp Law Firm, we take in clients from Newton County and the greater Arkansas area and help them with any and all of their estate planning needs. The most popular matters that we handle read as follows:

What Estate Planning Documents Do I Need?

Your estate plan will be unique to your wants and needs. However, some of the estate planning documents that you will require include your last will and testament, your trust, and your power of attorney.

First, your last will and testament establishes how your assets will be distributed upon your death and sidesteps the intestate process. Then, your trust establishes how, when, and to whom your assets will be distributed and sidesteps the probate process. And lastly, your power of attorney will give an individual you trust the authority to act on your behalf in the unfortunate event that you can no longer do so.

Notably, these documents can be tailored to your liking. Additionally, you can trust that we will guide you through much more than what was described above.

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We are glad to know that you are ready to properly prepare for your future, and we want you to understand that you should not go through this alone. Our team would be proud to serve you in all your estate planning needs. Without further hesitation, you must contact a talented Newton County, Arkansas estate planning lawyer. We await your call.