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If a loved one has recently passed away, you may be facing Probate Court. This can be a complex legal matter if you don’t have proper guidance. Learn about Probate Services at the Knapp Law Firm by clicking below or calling 205-632-0233.

The right Probate Lawyer in Tuscaloosa can offer the guidance you need.

The probate attorneys at the Knapp Law Firm are familiar with all Alabama state laws and legal procedures. They have helped families in a wide variety of circumstances, and understand that these matters can be delicate.

When claims are made against a person’s estate after they die, your attorney can help determine the validity of these claims, and help ensure that assets go where intended. A probate attorney can also help if someone is contesting the will, assets are unavailable, or the deceased person’s intentions weren’t clear.

What exactly is Probate, and should you be concerned?

Probate is a judicial process in which a Probate Court ‘administers’ a deceased person’s Last Will and Testament. This includes confirming that it is valid, resolving any questions, paying valid creditors, and ensuring that the wishes of the person are carried out.

Since this is an unfamiliar process, and significant financial or property assets may be at stake, many families get help from a Probate Attorney. The situation can be further complicated if there is no up-to-date will, or if there are questions or disagreements regarding the distribution of assets.

Have questions about Probate? We’re here to help.

What if there are competing claims against the person’s estate? Your attorney can help mediate conflicts to arrive at an acceptable solution. If that’s impossible, Knapp Law Firm legal experts can represent your interests in court.

What if someone has remarried without updating their Will? This is a relatively common circumstance that your Probate Attorney can work to help resolve.

What are the best ways to avoid probate entirely? One is to place an elderly or ill person’s assets in another person’s name. Another is to set up financial accounts to be ‘payable upon death’ to someone else.

How can I learn more about Wills and Estate Planning? Visit the Knapp Law Firm’s Estate Planning web page. Then get in touch if you still have questions, or if you’d like help with this matter.

Your Probate Lawyer begins with a review of circumstances, Wills, and other documents.

It’s important to schedule a meeting with your Probate Attorney well before Probate Court addresses your loved one’s case. We start by listening, then we offer recommendations and options. Finally, we make preparations to represent you in Probate Court.

The Knapp Firm approaches each case with sensitivity, compassion, and simple language. We’re glad to answer all your questions, explain what to expect, and keep the process as stress-free as possible.

To get started, simply send in the form, or contact the Knapp Law Firm at 205-632-0233.

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