Stressed out by debt?

Put it behind you so you can get on with your life.

Your Tuscaloosa bankruptcy lawyer will explain your options and guide you to a solution. As soon as you contact The Knapp Firm you’ll know you’re in good hands. Just call 205-632-0233 or click below.

You hoped you could manage your expenses, but they’ve gotten out of hand.

Whether it’s from credit card bills, medical expenses, or mortgage payments, financial difficulties are surprisingly common these days.

Even if the causes were beyond your control, even if you want to do the right thing, that knot in your stomach never goes away. Because you know your – and your family’s – future is at stake.

The good news is, you have bankruptcy lawyers in Tuscaloosa on your side.   

For years, the legal professionals at The Knapp Firm have been helping people just like you. In fact, they’ve achieved good, workable results for those who were in much worse shape.

A caring and personable bankruptcy attorney will start by listening to your story. Then they’ll present your options in plain language so you can make the right decisions. With a solid plan in place, you can finally take a good deep breath.

Have questions? Of course you do.
The answers may restore your hope.

Are there alternatives to bankruptcy?
Yes! We’ll explain how they work.

Can wage garnishments be stopped?
Often they can, with the proper legal procedures.

Will I be able to keep my house?
That’s certainly possible, depending on the options you choose.

Can I rebuild my credit?
Absolutely, by staying on a repayment plan.

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