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Have you been hurt in an accident that you believe was caused by another person who was unsafely operating a truck? If so, you may have grounds against numerous different parties. Not only the driver can be held accountable in such an accident, if you can illustrate that the employing truck company was responsible for improper hiring, supervision or maintenance of the driver or the truck itself. A truck accident is used to describe a broad range of different types of incidents including large and heavy commercial vehicles that could cause damage in the form of catastrophic injuries or even the death of a loved one.

Being put in this position is something that no family member should have to deal with, but unfortunately it is a reality for people across the State of Alabama, who are grappling with life following a severe trucking accident. Whether it was a log truck, a semi-truck, a tanker truck, a chemical truck or a tractor trailer, a truck accident claim needs to be filed in a timely fashion to give the injured victim or his or her surviving family members the best possible chance of recovery of compensation.

Motor vehicle accidents are handled quite differently from trucking accidents. This is largely due to the fact that there are more complicating factors at play. The vehicle in question that might have caused the accident could have been under the purview of a company that was responsible for owning and operating it. In addition to this factor, state agencies and federal agencies have oversight on the regulations that govern the trucking industry.

When a trucking accident occurs, trucking companies and their insurance carriers often dispatch an investigative team to the scene. This team may ask you to sign a release or to give a statement, but this is rarely in your best interests. However, in the heat of the moment it’s tempting to tell the insurance company what you think they need.

You may assume that the facts of the case are obvious, and that it will lead to your full and fair recovery of compensation. If you are not familiar with how these accident cases are handled, however, you are putting yourself at a severe disadvantage in the management of a trucking accident claim.

Trucking companies that are familiar with the personal injury laws in Alabama will work as hard as possible to gather evidence from the scene of the incident that only supports the allegations that they are partially responsible or not responsible at all for an accident. You will need to identify whether or not any of the state or federal regulations in question have been violated and how this may play into the liability claims in your personal injury lawsuit.


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Showing that another party was responsible such as the truck driver, a person who is responsible for maintaining the vehicle, who failed to do so or the trucking company who hired a negligent driver, is the only way to fight back and get compensation.
You can anticipate a big fight if you are not familiar with the aspects of personal injury law because you are putting your very future in the hands of the trucking company. That trucking company only has their bottom line and minimization of risk at heart. It does not matter that you hoped that they will do the right thing. The insurance company may be looking for ways to deny your claim from the moment their representatives arrive on the scene.
You need someone who is in your corner looking out for your best interests over the duration of such a claim.

And if you don’t take action quickly, the trucking company and their insurance representatives may try to steam roll you into accepting a settlement offer that doesn’t fully compensate you for the injuries you have sustained. Because of all of the different dangers and risks associated with trying to represent yourself in a trucking accident claim, you need an Alabama trucking accident lawyer who will take thing seriously. Hiring the right Alabama truck accident attorney shows the other side that you are serious, and it enables you to have someone to turn to advocate for your best interests over the duration of your claim.

An Alabama truck accident lawyer is the only person who can tell you more about whether or not you are well within your rights to pursue an injury claim and to help you prepare the necessary paperwork to do so. If you wait too long to get help, you are allowing the other side to prepare their case as much as possible and this puts you at a major disadvantage.

You need to ensure that you have taken proper steps to represent your best interests when filing an Alabama trucking accident claim. You need someone who has extensive experience in this field recovering benefits, whether it is in the form of a settlement or in a litigated case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trucking Accidents

There are numerous reasons why it may be difficult to interact with a trucking company following an accident. In many cases, they are hundreds of miles away from where the accident occurred and even if you have exchanged information with the truck driver following the incident, it could be hard to find the right contact at the company. You need an experienced Alabama truck accident lawyer who can handle this aspect of your case for you.

You should never make any statements about fault or admit that you are sorry to an insurance adjustor for a trucking company investigating the accident. Your tractor trailer accident attorney in Alabama should be retained immediately to give you the best possible chance to recover compensation.

If you are filing a legal claim on behalf of someone who lost their life in an Alabama trucking accident, you could be able to recover their lost income, loss of consortium and other damages associated with the incident. If you were the one hurt and you survived the accident, you can recover funds for emotional distress, punitive damages, lost future earning capacity, medical care, and lost wages from missing work.

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