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Do you have questions about looking ahead to the future and how you wish to articulate your desires in appropriate planning documents? Your Alabama estate planning attorney should be committed to safeguarding your assets and preserving your wealth. You need support from an experienced attorney to identify the most feasible solutions that are in line with your individual interests.

Estate Planning and Wills in Alabama

Having a valid will in the State of Alabama is critical to allow your loved ones to take action after you pass away. A will advises your loved ones in the probate court about how any of your personal property should be distributed of after you pass away. Your will must be prepared with your unique situation in mind and this should be done with the help of a talented Alabama estate planning attorney.

Many people may be tempted to draft a will on their own, but this exposes them to a broad range of mistakes that your loved ones may have to deal with after you have passed away. If these forms or do-it-yourself wills are filled out incorrectly or do not take the appropriate laws into consideration, the will could be classified as invalid by probate court. Experienced estate planning attorneys in Alabama can help with preparing a will that keeps your best interests in mind and is compliant with state and federal laws.

Living Trusts

Many people know how a will works, but they do not understand the benefits of a living trust. A living trust has some similarities with a will, but is a different document. Like a will, it can communicate with your loved ones about your intentions for distributing your assets. The primary benefit of having a living trust in Alabama is that assets placed inside a living trust do not go into probate. This can save your family money and time in terms of working through the courts. If done appropriately, a living trust can minimize your estate taxes, provide better privacy for you and preserve more of your estate for you and your family. Estate planning attorneys in Alabama should always be used to put together a living trust because the drafting and verbiage of these documents is critical.

Probate in Alabama

When an individual passes away with a will in place, the will goes into the probate process. This is the official court process of identifying the validity of the will and then executing it based on the instructions inside. When a person does not have a will, however, the probate court is empowered to make decisions about the administration and management of the estate.

The probate process can be time intensive and confusing. Experienced Alabama estate planning and probate attorneys can assist with the process and putting in place the necessary strategies to avoid it altogether. Hiring a knowledgeable estate planning and probate attorney in Alabama to help you will give you greater peace of mind that Alabama probate procedures will be handled appropriately, so that your loved ones can focus on their grief.


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Trust Administration

Trust administration in Alabama encompasses a broad range of duties from financial to legal, which can make it difficult for a successor trustee to manage. Understanding how trust administration works and putting strategies in place before you pass away can help make it easier for trustee duties.

Trustees may also have questions about the management of an estate after a person has passed away. This includes a number of different estate administration responsibilities like paying income taxes, paying debts against the state, paying estate taxes, making reports to beneficiaries and finding ways to ensure that the trust is an effective source of income. This can be confusing and overwhelming for someone who is not prepared to step in to the role of trust administrator. Consulting with an experienced Alabama estate planning attorney can help with these matters.

Advanced Estate Planning in Alabama

Estate planning, elder law, asset protection planning and business succession planning often work together to provide necessary financial security and peace of mind. An advanced estate plan needs to be drafted with the support of an experienced Alabama estate planning attorney. Some of the tools available to you can include family limited partnerships, creation of family foundations, grantor retained annuity trusts, charitable remainder trusts or irrevocable life insurance trust. The right lawyer should be hired to assist with all aspects of this.

Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning in Alabama

Your family may not like the estate plan that is put together on behalf of the government through the courts, if you pass away without a will. The government’s estate plan is known is interstate probate and guarantees that the government will remain involved in the disposition of your estate. There is a great deal of planning that you can do in advance with the help of an Alabama estate planning attorney to avoid these problems.

A will is the legal document detailing how your assets should be disposed of if you pass away. The official distribution, however, is controlled by the process known as Probate. A living trust can help you to increase your estate and preserve it while you are alive and gives protection in the event that you become mentally disabled or incapacitated.

Many people who establish living trusts in Alabama can serve as their own trustees. You and your spouse can also serve as your co-trustees if you are married. You’ll have complete and absolute control over the assets inside of a trust and in the event of a mentally disabling condition, someone else would be named to step-in in your place. Consulting with an experienced Alabama estate planning is important.

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