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Have you or a child been hurt because of a dog bite? Do you feel as though the impact of the dog bite is continuing long after the incident itself because of the scars, disfigurement, and the emotional toll that it is taking on your life? Did you know that under Alabama personal injury law you may be eligible to pursue a claim against the dog owner?

There are many different misconceptions about dog bite accidents in Alabama, but having the right attorney to help you navigate this legal claim and to fight for full and fair compensation may be the only way to get help from an experienced attorney. Typically, owners of dogs and any other pet have a responsibility to control their pets to prevent them from roaming free in the neighborhood. When the dog owner fails to protect the public from the harm that could be associated with an animal bite, this individual could be held accountable.

This is true regardless of the type of dog. In any cases were an animal that the owner knows is dangerous, he or she should take appropriate steps to minimize the chances of a serious injury and accidents.

The installation of an appropriate fence or using an infirm post to keep the animal contained are ways to take these steps. However, the implementation of an inadequate fence, or the fact that the animal broke away in and of itself does not keep that person free from liability. A dog attack can leave the victim with life changing consequences that are both emotional and physical in nature.

Even when the victim is lucky enough to survive an accident, permanent disfigurement, critical psychological trauma, inability to enjoy life and low self-esteem may apply. Additional complications may be associated with such an accident as well, including secondary infections that can be caused by dog saliva. Furthermore, a child or anyone who is especially vulnerable to injuries may develop an extreme fear of animals.


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Emotional and physical damage may be tied to the outcome of an Alabama dog bite accident, and hiring the right lawyer may be the only way to get help from an experienced attorney who is familiar with all aspects of full and fair pursuit of compensation. After an animal attack has occurred, it is critical to keep any evidence on your person.

You may not believe that the injuries you have sustained are severe enough to warrant medical attention, but it is imperative to talk to a doctor to be sure that you are not suffering serious issues. Get the name and contact information of any potential witnesses as well as the dog’s owner before you leave the scene. Do not leave out any information about your injuries or how the attack happened when you speak to your doctor. Before and after pictures of the scars or injuries can be helpful for illustrating the severity of the incident.

Anyone outside of law enforcement may ask you questions about the accident itself, but you should never make any statements about it except to your attorney or to law enforcement. It’s a good idea to wait until you speak to your Alabama dog bite lawyer to better understand your rights and responsibilities and decrease your chances of making a mistake.

It can be hard to think about what you need to do legally to protect yourself after you have suffered in a serious dog bite accident. You may require massive reconstructive surgery or stitches and you need help going through the process of a personal injury claim.

This type of help can only be provided by an experienced and dedicated Alabama dog bite accident lawyer who will be able to tell you more about all of the various aspects of filing a claim and who you can hold accountable. You may be under the impression that if the owner did not know that their dog was vicious that he or she may not have liability.

This is not always true as owners maintain a responsibility to protect the public from their animals regardless. An attack could have significant consequences for you and your loved one. This is especially true in situations in which a child was bitten and now has a fear of animals that may follow them for the remainder of their life. Never minimize the potential impact of a dog bite because it can develop into an infection and cause other medical complications shortly after the incident occurs. It can also lead to psychological trauma, and scars and disfigurement that are embarrassing for the accident victim.

Knowing that you have an Alabama dog bite accident attorney at your side to help you work through these aspects of your claim, and to have someone fighting in your corner may be the only thing that gives you peace of mind during an otherwise difficult time. No victim should have to be the one paying their medical bills and figuring out whether or not reconstructive surgery or plastic surgery is necessary to decrease the visibility of the scars. Instead, hand this over to an experienced Alabama dog bite accident lawyer who can help you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bankruptcy in Alabama

An owner can be a subject of litigation when his or her animal bites someone else. As long as the dog was unprovoked, the owner can be found liable for the accident.

In many cases, the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy may cover dog bite liability. If a worker who was hurt on the job, workers’ compensation may follow and this is a case of third party liability. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that anyone on their property who is an invited visitor has a reasonable expectation of safety.

The nature of insurance companies is to work as hard as possible to close out claims for the lowest possible price. This may be their way of avoiding paying out a fair claim but it could decrease your ability to recover in full from the accident and you should never accept a settlement offer without insight from an experienced Alabama dog bite lawyer.

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