Personal Injury

A person who is hurt in an accident because of another individual’s reckless/negligent behavior is often the one left dealing with the consequences and repercussions in the form of significant pain, medical expenses and other damages. The right Alabama personal injury lawyer should be retained immediately to give the injured victim the most opportunities to recover compensation. Lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages may be paid out to a hurt victim in a settlement or a litigated case.

DUI & Drug Possession

An aggressive criminal defense attorney can have a major impact on the resolution of any criminal case. Retaining a lawyer early on will give you the peace of mind necessary to realize that someone is fighting hard on your behalf day in and day out. You deserve to be kept informed about the status of your criminal case and to have a lawyer who cares about your future and your freedom.

Estate Planning

Looking ahead to your future should involve careful consideration of the strategies, documents and tools that you can use to outline what happens to your property as well as to your affairs, if something were to happen to you. Comprehensive estate planning encompasses evaluation of all of the different issues in your life and the development of a strategy that protects you and your loved ones, now and well into the future. Learn more about tools including wills, trusts and other estate planning strategies and how they can help you today.


A bankruptcy issue or even raising questions about the process of filing a bankruptcy petition requires insight from an experienced attorney. When you are in over your head and dealing with harassment from creditors, you may need the fresh start provided by chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. An experienced attorney can tell you more about exemptions, the process of filing, what debts can be discharged in bankruptcy and how long you can anticipate the process to take in the state of Alabama.